Fix google pixel battery brain issue

Google Pixel 4 is a great device. However, there are a lot of people, who have claimed that they are not getting a good battery life even if it has large battery because of battery drain. Poor battery performance can be due to many things so there’s no definitive way to fix it. In this article we have shared some simple workarounds but, if you have a lot of third-party apps, this guide is not for you. However, if you have minimum apps like some messengers, Facebook, Instagram and games, you should check out this article to fix Google Pixel 4 battery draining issue and improve battery life.

Some of the common reasons why your Google Pixel 4 may be losing battery fast include the following items:

  • Screen brightness
  • Inefficient coding
  • Customizations or settings
  • Minor OS bug
  • Apps
  • Widgets
  • Hardware malfunction

Extending battery performance on your Pixel 4 requires patience and time. Be sure you have both in order if you want to seriously improve performance of your phones battery.

Some of our suggestions for fixing the battery life are:

  1. Pixel Ambient Services:

A lot of users have reported that a system app called “Pixel Ambient Services”  tends to drain a lot of battery. They seem to have identified this via the battery usage display battery statistics. You can try disabling it if it is behaving in a similar manner for you. To do that, just search it up on your app list and hit the disable button, that is it.

  1. Install software update:

Earlier Pixel users have faced the same problem, and Google rolled out an update to fix that issue. If lots of people are getting the same, Google might release another update as well for your Google Pixel 4 as well. Therefore, you should check, whether Google has launched any battery performance related updates or not. If you see any update is available right now, you should install it right away. This may solve the battery draining issue.

  1. Reset Your Mobile

If you have just bought this device and not happy with the battery backup, the first thing you can try is to reset your Google Pixel. Many people have got their issue fixed just by resetting their device. There might have been a bug that can cause this battery drain issue and you can fix that problem by resetting it.

It’s quite easy and does not consuming much time as well. At first, open the Settings > System. Now expand the Advanced option. Under this, you will get another option called Reset options. Tap on it, and you will get Reset all data (factory reset) option. Now, you should get another option called Reset phone. Use that, and you have to enter your passcode. Just wait for your phone to get started again and restore. Enjoy!

  1. Boot into Safe Mode

Safe Mode can help you find, if any third-party app is draining your battery. Although it does not show which app is responsible but you can find it manually. You can find whether the third-party apps are creating this problem or your in-built apps are responsible.

To boot into safe mode, you can follow these steps.At first, press and hold down the Power button. You will get the Power off button on your screen.

Now press and hold down the Power off button. You should find a popup message regarding the safe mode. If you tap the OK button, it will restart your device and boot into safe mode.

  1. Enable Adaptive Battery

Another benefit of stock Android is, there’s an option called Adaptive Battery. This functionality helps you extend your battery life by limiting the background processes. This doesn’t leads to performance issue. It gathers information automatically and hibernates the app for a particular amount of time or until you open that manually. You can also find which apps are being restricted. To enable this feature in your Google Pixel 4, open Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery. Turn on adaptive battery and you are done. Following that, it will gather info on its own.

  1. Check If Apps are Running Normally

In the battery section of your phones settings, you can find an in-built tool that can helps you find whether an app is consuming more battery than usual. If any app is wasting more battery, you will get that app in the list. This is important to check once in a day to find out if something is wrong with any app. You can find this option in Settings > Battery. Here you will get an option called “App is running normally.” Tap on it. If it is not showing any app, that means everything’s fine. Otherwise, you will get an option to hibernate that app.

  1. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Find out all the unnecessary apps and uninstall them. For that, open Settings > Battery. Here you can find the three-dotted button on the top-right. Tap on it and select Battery usage. Here you should find all the apps with consumed battery.

  1. Uninstall Third-Party Launcher

There are many people, who like to use custom launcher. There are many third-party launcher app, which consume a lot of battery. Therefore, it is recommended to uninstall third-party launcher apps and check if the battery draining issue remains or not.

  1. Turn off services you are not using

If some background services are left enabled, they can slowly but surely battery drain. Try going under Settings menu and disable potential battery draining service. You can start by disabling such things as wifi, Bluetooth or GPS if you’re not using them. If you are in an area with poor cellular services, enable Airplane mode. Try using wifi instead of mobile network to minimize battery loss over the day.

  1. Downgrade OS

Sometimes, battery issue problem comes right after installing the latest Android version. If doing all the suggestions above has not helped, consider downgrading your Pixel’s OS to its previous version. Downgrading to previous Android is not officially supported by Google because it can cause problems if not done properly. Do it at your own risk.

  1. Contact Support

If nothing is working, you should contact the support. This is very easy, you can head over to this website and log into your Gmail account. Following that, you need to click the Contact Us button. After that you will have to select your pixels phone model. After that, you will get a callback from the support team. You should get proper support from them.

That’s it! You should fix your Google Pixel 4 battery drain issue using these tips and tricks.

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