Fix error while searching for network : Google Pixel & Pixel XL
Fix error while searching for network : Google Pixel & Pixel XL

Many of the Google Pixel & Pixel XL owners are having a common problem of ” Error while searching for network “. This error comes whenever we are facing Not Registered on Network issue or problem with network provider. Today in this guide we are going to tell you how to fix ” error while searching for network ” on Google Pixel & Pixel XL.

How To Fix error while searching for network on Google Pixel & Pixel XL

Follow all the steps carefully in order to fix error while searching network. So lets get to work:

  1. First goto settings.
  2. Then Mobile Networks.
  3. Now while you are in Mobile Network menu press home + Power button until your device is turn off.
  4. Check that you device is completely turned off. Now remove your battery.
  5. Now press Home + Power button 10 times properly.
  6. After that press and hold Home + Power button for 2 or 3 mins.
  7. Now insert the battery back and turn on your device.
  8. Don’t attach the back cover yet. When your device is booted up remove and insert sim card for 3 times.
  9. Now you have to restart your device when say so.
  10. After your device is rebooted the issue of ” error while searching for network ” will be gone for good.

Do tell me in comments if you face any kind of issue regarding this guide. ????