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Google working on a larger display device code-named Taimen

Google working on a larger display device code-named Taimen - pixelmantras
Google working on a larger display device code-named Taimen - pixelmantras

Yesterday a report had been released that detailed Google’s upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL2 along with their project’s codenames, Walleye and Muskie respectively. In a fresh development today it has been revealed that the Mountain View based search giant is working on another smartphone under the codename, Taimen. This keeps up with its tradition of naming its smartphone projects based on fishes. Droid-Life has been tipped off by multiple sources regarding this and stated that Google will be releasing a third smartphone this year. What is most intriguing is the fact that the device will not be bearing the Pixel branding.

The Taimen is the worlds largest recorded salmon. This might allude to the new device having a large display, bigger even than the Pixel XL 2 which might see it rivalling the Nexus 6 or other phablet like smartphones from yore. The Nexus 6 was codenamed Shamu after the first orca’s to be held in captivity. Some of the sources seem to be having the same debate, with some stating that it might be a tablet and others stating it will be a smartphone. All the reports concur on the fact that the device is separate from the Pixel line-up.

This puts a bit of a question mark on where the device will be placed in the company’s product stack. During the launch of the original Pixel smartphones, chief of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer had stated that,

“I don’t want to close a door completely, but there is no plan right now to do more Nexus devices.”

This was interpreted to be the end of Google’s Nexus line-up, torch-bearer of the Android experience since the first Nexus device was launched by the company in collaboration with HTC. This might signal a return of the brand, alternately it might be something completely different.

All in all, the rumoured Taimen would be an interesting take on the ultra-large smartphone-tablet bridge segment and may or may not mark a resurrection of several defunct brands in Google’s portfolio. Since last year the quest for ever-larger display sizes has seen some real innovations like the Xiaomi Mi Max and even other mainstream brands like Samsung and LG cutting down on bezel space and changing their design philosophy’s.