What is Edge Sense Plus?

Edge Sense Plus was initially just meant for the HTC U series. It let’s you customize the squeeze action and adds some more squeeze gestures and features.
But with the Pixel2 and Pixel3 also coming with a squeezable frame I found a way to make it compatible too.

Since google locked active edge down to just only be able to start Assistant it will require a device rooted with magisk.


  • You need to run a STOCK based ROM, because Active Edge is broken on AOSP roms.
  • You need to be rooted with magisk to use it.
  • Install the Active Edge System Mod Magisk Module from the MagiskManager Repo and the EdgeSensePlus from the playstore and you are ready to go!
Edge Sense Plus
Edge Sense Plus
Developer: j to the 4n
Price: Free+

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How does it work

To make it working on the Google Pixel 3 I had to modify the SystemUIGoogle.apk that runs the ElmyraService (Service that processes the squeeze gestures).
I intercept the events and pass them to the EdgeSensePlus Application that starts the appropriate action then that you selected.

Some more adjustments were made, so the squeezing also works when you are in immersive mode, camera or when Google Assistant is deactivated/uninstalled.