How to add Extra Storage to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones (Expandable Storage)
How to add Extra Storage to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones (Expandable Storage)

Google has always worked on perfection since its inception. We all know that the it is almost time for the Google Pixel 2nd Generation. But Google has revised the Pixel’s hardware, likely to fix the popular microphone issue on the smartphone.

This is not the first time Google is doing this as the Nexus 4 received a subtle design change, that added nubs to raise the phone on flat surfaces.

This was spotted by a Pixel Owner in Europe who noticed “Rev. B” printed on his Pixel’s retail packaging. This revision is likely to be aimed at the Pixel microphone issue that were uncovered earlier this week.

Google Pixel

The letter at the end of the SKU relates to colour but it seems that that “Rev. B” that is visible behind the sticker relates to a hardware revision.

The microphone issue on the Google Pixel causes all the three of the device’s microphone to fail due to “a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec.” This results in other audio processing issues and the issue may be caused due to temperature changes or even how you hold your phone.

Google is well aware of this issue and has taken steps to reinforce the solder connection during manufacturing since late January. This is what Google had to say:

Also, we have been taking additional steps to reinforce the connection at time of manufacture on phones built since January. Phones manufactured in the last month should not have this problem. For phones manufactured before then, the incidence of the problem is <<1%. I know this thread makes it seem much more prevalent, but there is a selection bias at work here.

There is no official word from Google yet and we cannot for sure tell whether the hardware revision fixes the microphone issue or something else.

The “About phone” tab in Settings still only lists the phone’s general model number and the box is pretty much the only place where you can check whether you have the newer version of the Google Pixel.