best screen on time Google pixel 4 xl - Best sot

It’s amazing how much we actually use our phones in a given day, especially when we watch “videos”!. Each and everything that we do on phone, while our display is on is calculated for Screen on Time or SOT.

SOT again is the number of times the screen was on, it will work for all users who are using the screen for example – browsing, watching movies, playing games etc, but there is one more thing that everyone does and some might be doing it more i.e. making / receiving calls.

Now if you are making / receiving call, the screen will be on for few seconds and after that when you bring the handset closer to your ear the screen will switch off (almost all smartphones do this). But you are still using the handset. Now imagine you made / received a call that lasted for 30 minutes, now during those 30 minutes the screen would have switch on for say just few seconds and rest of the time you would be busy with voice call.

Google Pixel 4 XL is power packed battery with battery size of 3,700mAh. Which is Considered optimum considering the huge capacity as compared to other phones. Even the Oneplus 7 has 3,700 mAh battery.

Testing SOT on Google Pixel 4XL. 

We charged Pixel 4 XL  all the way up before turning on at about 5pm. Went to bed about midnight. Galaxy S2 watch connected around 7 pm. Did setup, some netflix, and typical messing around with a new phone.

Screen On Time - SOT - for Google Pixel 4 XL

So, on an random usage i was able to get an Screen on time on a Google Pixel 4 XL is of around 6 hrs. Which is considered fairly sufficient for day to day use.

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